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A tool to interact with customer in a highly efficient and secure manner

A study reveals that more than 65 people from age groups 18-95 like to chat more than calling to pass the info. However, business enterprises need it to serve various purposes. Messaging is another yet most trendy way to stay connected to your friends and relatives. Messaging became a trend after the revolutionized effort by WhatsApp to let people stay connected to the horizons. Now, it has gained massive popularity among business organizations as they also have integrated messaging as an integral part of their business strategy.

So, if you are looking to have a chat application for any purpose, we are here with dedicated chat app developers to help you create a stupendous messaging app like WhatsApp. Just give your idea and purpose for developing a chat app and let us build your dream chat app right at your deadline.

We deliver a unique experience through live chat and instant messaging apps for our clients. Be it a Mobile chat app, web, wearable, IoT, or any other device. To fulfill the functional requirement of startups and enterprises, we build instant messaging solutions for our clients. As technology advances, the mode of doing business has also changed. You need to integrate a chat app into your business process. When you hire chat app developers from HyperBeans, we create a scalable and customized chat app for your business

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Our Instant Messaging App Solutions

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Social Integrations

Instant messaging apps allow users to chat with other users in real-time. Users can send text, media files, location, and contacts to another user. Our mobile app developers make relevant, secure, robust, and fast chat applications that provide easy-to-use and a single option to users. We enhance chat services and allow integration of Social-media apps like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google, Twitter, Quora, etc.

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Group Chat Service

Just one click and your message are sent to all your friends, family, and team members instantly. You can also send an instant message to your potential clients. HyperBeans provides effective and manageable group chat services that create professional groups to share convenient media messages. On these instant messaging apps you can discuss business conversations and gossips with your favorite people.

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Media Sharing

It is the unique feature that we allow in mobile & web chat applications. With the help of this service, you can easily share the image, videos, document, and GIF to business people or friends. Going to your clients and explaining things will cost you both time and money while the instant messaging app can help you do it all right in no time. We develop a feature-rich Chat Application that enables your team to interact with the client at any time.

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Voice or Video Calling

Our Developers have advanced level skills which understand the client and user requirements and make a smart chat solution that provides instant voice or video calling options. Send and share your recorded voice messages, audio clips using the IM app. Live Connect via voice calls and video calls for a richer communication experience.

Why HyperBeans for Instant Messaging Solutions

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Saves Time

Our instant messaging helps you save time by eliminating making a long-distance call. At the same time, instead of face-to-face meetings, your team member can communicate through video messaging or video calling. That saves ample time and money.

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Enhances teams' productivity

When your team is informed of all processes and changes, they can connect with a maximum number of clients in just a few short periods. That means chat app also educates your team and that will help them enhance their productivity.

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Keeps Things Organized

Do you like to know what is happening in your company? You can do it with just a single tap on your mobile that too from anywhere. It will help you keep things organized while letting you know the productivity of the employees.

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Relationships with Customers

One of the biggest reasons for not being able to satisfy your customer is the communication gap. At HyperBeans the instant messaging apps keep you connected to your clients and that improves your relationships with them.

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Scalable Support and Services

By outsourcing your IM solutions to HyperBeans, you get the support you need when you need it without paying salaries for in-house resources. Our IM solutions can also scale up or down services as needed so you’re never paying for more than what you need.

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Robust data security solutions

In an increasingly data-driven economy, your data is your most valuable asset. Ensure your critical information is under lock and key with secure communication channels and robust data protection processes. Prevent unauthorized access to your chat backups on disparate databases, websites, and computers.

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The flexible and innovation-friendly Java language helps our Android application development efforts. We are able to provide unparalleled user experience.

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SQLite is an in- procedure library used by app developers that executes a self-contained, zero-configuration, transactional SQL database motor.

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Node.JS helps in building networked apps using non-blocking IO and has quickly changed into a large ecosystem of tools, libraries, and frameworks. Learning Node is not an option anymore, but a requirement.

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React Native

With React Native, you can build apps using only JavaScript. It uses the same design as React, letting you compose a rich mobile UI from declarative components. Using this framework, you don't build a "web app", an "HTML5 app", or a "hybrid app".

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