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6 Upcoming Website Development Trends You Can’t Overlook

It is said that “Old ways won’t open new doors” and it would be absolutely appropriate if said in the context of website design and development. It’s an industry that surprises you with the never-ending changes that will strengthen your work, if applied and can be disastrous, if not accepted. 
Users are now expecting more and preferring the products that are appealing and intuitive. To deliver this, there is no other way except to stay updated with not just current trends but also with what’s likely to happen in coming days. 
Here, we brought you the list of a bunch of factors which will help you to outstand among your competitors:
  1. PWAs (Progressive Web Applications): This entire concept depends on the expansion of Internet, more specifically with the mass acceptance of HTML 5, however they are still critical to be applied. PWAs have made it possible to combine the traditional functionalities with effortless user experience that too through your mobile browser.
  2. SPAs are getting popular: We all have used Single Page Applications or often called SPAs as Facebook, Google Maps, Gmail etc. A SPA works inside the browser and, hence, doesn’t require reloading the page while using. These single web pages make use of JavaScript to load all other content. They display natural behavior through the browser and eliminate things like slow response and page reloads.
  3. AMPs for improved Mobile search ranking: Google sponsored the Accelerated Mobile Pages, also known as AMPs. Today they are supported by numerous digital marketing giants including Twitter, Pinterest and Bing. The idea was to design an open-source project that quickly loads the web content and advertisements on a mobile screen. Among many SEOs, AMPs are considered a competitor of Facebook’s Instant Articles.
  4. Chatbots for Online Support: However, the Help documents and Toll free numbers are great features, there is nothing better than an automated Chatbot which has answers for all your queries. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has made it possible. You require embed the enhanced Natural Language Processing and understanding to your system and it will kill the tiniest problems, way before they become a big mess.
  5. Push Notifications: Push Notifications is a very crucial tool and you must know how to use it. Push Notifications keep your user updated with all the important feeds and offers. Which can surely result in driving traffic and ultimately as an increase in conversion. But, on the other hand, excessive or unnecessary use of Push Notifications can have you unsubscribed by your potential customers for a lifetime.
  6. Motion User Interface: Motion User Interface or Animated UI is something that can be applied to even a smallest website to make the design look outstanding. Present something which is attractive and valuable at the same time. Nobody wants the overcomplicated content on their screens. Whereas, if implemented rightly, motion UI can do wonders in terms of usability and productivity.
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