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An Online Taxi Booking App

Today, mobile application stores have been flooded by a plethora amount of mobile apps. All are in a rush to grab maximum consumer attention. Online taxi booking app is one such specialization that has now become an indivisible part of our lives. Your query for “taxi near me” now returns with a long list of mobile applications. Nothing can make you happier than a yellow cab waiting right outside your home before you even step out of the door to catch something very urgent.

But this is not the limit, a good mobile application development company makes sure that customer delight stays a never-ending process. For this, the developers have designed a bilateral interaction between riders and drivers which ends up benefiting both the parties.

HyperBeans, a prominent mobile apps developer has overshadowed its competitors by adding some extraordinary to its remarkable mobile applications. Unlike, the normal cab booking applications, our taxi booking apps serve you with a long list of additional features. Moreover, they allow you to locate a local taxi against tremendously convenient fares. As we discussed earlier in this blog, the apps bring ease to both, the riders and the drivers.

Let’s, one by one, go through the usability and functioning of this app to have a more clear picture...

For Riders

  1. Search a Taxi – The riders start with searching & locating the closest taxi under their desired category, namely; shared, auto, cab, mini, micro, etc., by entering there current location and destination.
  2. Booking a Ride – The first step then points riders to the estimated fare with no hidden cost. Riders can now confirm their booking and get an OTP with driver’s contact details as a confirmation.
  3. Ride Confirmation – As soon as the ride arrives, rider has to share the OTP with the driver The journey begins once the OTP gets accepted by the system. It also allows riders to track his/her route throughout the ride.
  4. Ride Completion and Payment – Riders get the notification about charges, once the ride gets completed. The fare can be paid directly to the driver.
  5. Reviews – This taxi app allows riders to rate their ride on a scale of 1-5 stars which can help cab services in making improvements.

For Drivers

  1. Accepting a Ride – Drivers are notified with pick up location and destination when a rider searches for a ride near them. They can accept or pass the ride. Driver who is first to Accept gets the ride.
  2. Pick up the Rider – As soon as the driver accepts the ride, he is navigated to the pick up location. He confirms the ride by validating the OTP shared by the rider.
  3. Completion and Payment – The app guides the driver to the destination. He can mark the ride as Complete after reaching to the destination and can collect the fare that has been charged for the ride.
  4. Account Balance – It also tracks and keeps all the account report for the drivers including balance, daily statement etc.

There are some additional services that add value to this taxi booking application:

  • Detail your services
  • Announce coming events
  • Promote current deals
  • Share the big news
  • Display real testimonials
  • Display their FAQs
Not just taxi booking, check a whole range of our exciting mobile applications that best suit your business and contact us if you have an idea.
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