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In a constantly demanding world, the audience always needs new ways to do their tasks. The good news is - we have been working for your customers’ demands for more than a decade now. We employ modern and futuristic technologies to develop the advanced, yet friendly event and e-ticketing software and applications for the web, smartphones, tablets, kiosks, etc. We leverage technologies like AR/VR, IoT, Cloud computing, and many more to reshape and automate the entire ticket booking industry.


At HyperBeans, we always strive for an innovative approach to provide our clients with the most efficient and feature-rich digital products and solutions. We believe every business is unique in its way. Therefore, we provide fully customized event and e-ticketing development solutions like websites, portals, web and mobile applications, marketing tools, analytics tools, business intelligent integration, and many more solutions to ensure business growth and deliver unmatched customer support and experience.


HyperBeans, in combination with the latest technology and our expertise, develops an event and ticketing solution that establish sustainable relationships between brands and consumers.

We have been developing compelling digital experiences for international brands and innovative events. Our simplified and scalable event management system helps you simplify event planning.


Services We Offer

Event Ticketing Portal

HyperBeans is a one-stop solution for advanced and feature-rich e-ticketing portal development services with functionalities like venue selection, marketing tool integration, customized CRM with precise analytic tools, and more features to offer a great customer experience. We deliver a ticketing system that exceeds event organizer and patron expectations. Add revenue-growing features like multiple payment type acceptance, accurate seat pricing, patron communication tools, and CRM integration.

Event Ticket Booking App

Using an online ticketing solution, anyone can create events and sell tickets. App-based ticketing systems deliver technology once reserved for large and established events, and make it available to event promoters of all kinds, regardless of the scope of their event. Elevate your brand by offering mobile ticket purchases and reservations. Buy single or group tickets, choose seats and add merchandise, concessions, and other upsell items – improving patron experience and increasing revenue.

Wearable integration

In the online event ticket sales industry, wearable technology has brought significant challenges when it comes to adopting digital platforms for easier use by wearable technology. Most customers are interested in having their event tickets scanned from their smartwatch. So, online event ticket sellers have to plan ahead when to have the ticket code on their wearable. Most people are switching for the digital bands, and are equipped with the habit of scanning the tickets via smartwatches.

Ticketing POS

We integrate industry-leading POS to provide wide inventory distribution and automation. We implement auto-upload features to send to resale sites, auto-hold features to reserve tickets and prevent double sales, and payment processing integrations. One of the best ways to increase sales is the right POS system. Whether online, onsite, or at the door, we can set you up with features like ticket packages, searching multiple orders using various criteria, customizing ticket design, and much more.

Why HyperBeans

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Covering wider audiences

From offering ticket purchasing functionality to a narrowed, local target audience to providing features to travelers who prefer to hang out in chosen spots, we’ve developed apps for all. To gain customer’s interest and satisfaction, our team of developers ensures a real-time booking experience.

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Modern technology implemented

You talk about mobile, wearable, IoT, Cloud; we have a solution for each of them. For a delightful and connected experience, we know user choices and preferences. They want to have the same experience across all devices. We suggest client introduce mobile and smartwatch ticket scanning at the venue.

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Feature-packed software

For admin to manage bookings, we implement the best technologies required for the service. Managing bookings, integrating payments, personalizing experiences are significant tasks for the service provider. We incorporate the best big data solutions, payment gateway integration, POS in our apps.

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Maximizing reservation

Business owners can use event booking and ticketing services to maximize their brand visibility and revenue. We offer an easy reservation interface to the customers and update the same frequency so that the seats can be used. It helps to eliminate the chances of late cancellations.

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Experienced, Dedicated Team

A dedicated team can help extend resources and can work seamlessly with your company under your guidance or ours. Our experienced team aims to focus on the real-time niches and help to deliver sophisticated, scalable, and reliable solutions that comprehend the corresponding business goals.

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Cost Efficiency

Our fixed and hourly costing is best suited for ticketing projects with a strictly defined scope that won’t change. We mention all the right and fair practices in the domain of software development, management, maintenance, and update services to help the business prosper.

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Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI and predictive analytics allow organizations in practically every sector to finally make sense of the massive amounts of data they collect during their daily operations. You can build a strong competitive advantage with AI algorithms.

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Cloud Computing

Cloud-based event management solutions allow hassle-free and fast access to all the necessary information and financial data. The beauty of cloud is that all this data is available from anywhere and anytime because it’s in the cloud.

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Big Data

The first way to make use of big data is to conduct a customer profile analysis. With so much information at your disposal, you can figure out the traits of a typical restaurant visitor and understand their style, and personal preferences.

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Augmented Reality (AR) and Vir

Recent groundbreaking technologies can combine the real world and virtual reality or create entirely virtual reality content. Deliver virtual tools that enable travel and hospitality companies to target come consumers all over the world thanks to vir

Our Key Offerings

Our app developers are fully conversant with the coding standards and rigorously follow interface guidelines to the core. Our app developers are competent to build & deploy apps that excel in functional design, code performance, scalability, security. We also offer an engaging user experience.

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