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Launch an e-Commerce Mobile App to Boost your Sales

In the past few years, we all have seen surprising growth in smartphone users. This, consequently, introduced a new definition of “Competition” in the form of Mobile Applications or Mobile Apps. There is a wide range of businesses using mobile app today. Although, being dominated by gaming and entertainment industries, mobile app developers have now introduced countless functionalities to the apps world which make it compatible for every single business segment. 

Why users prefer mobile apps over mobile websites?

If not completely removed, mobile searches have replaced desktop searches to a huge extent. Search engine optimizers have to work harder to optimize the website for mobile search. But if we talk about mobile searches, mobile app usage is the preferred channel of mobile browsing.

A report by Statista shows the increase in app downloads in the past two years and what it is expected to be by 2022:

The following can be the reasons of mobile apps being more preferable:

  • Apps load in no time. You don’t have to go through the punishing process of opening a web browser, entering the URL and waiting for the page to load.
  • Navigation is easier with apps as compared to mobile websites.
  • You don’t need to connect to the internet for everything. Some mobile apps have the functionality to be used offline.
  • Features of the device can be easily utilized by mobile apps such as camera, Bluetooth, etc.
Mobile Apps boost your Sales

Wondering how you can double your revenue? The answer is e-Commerce Mobile Apps. Ask an e-commerce business owner, how troublesome it is to establish a strong client base and maximize the sales. Small as well as medium businesses are finding it very difficult not only to grow their customers but to retain them which directly affects their revenue. This can’t be overcome just with an e-commerce website and traditional approaches. As the ratio of smartphones users is growing drastically, Mobile Apps are an acclaimed tool that can drive sales to your e-commerce business.

Online shopping apps like Amazon, Flipkart and Paytm are some classic examples. Also, data collected through surveys show us that shopping apps have been more successful in engaging mobile app users comparing to other categories:

How mobile applications are reshaping e-Commerce Industry:
  1. Quick Response: Unlike web browsers, customers are not concerned about the slow response when it comes to mobile applications. In mobile apps, all the actions are completed quickly with the speedy response time. Customers don’t have to remember lengthy URLs or Sign in every time they visit your website. Which finally adds to the credibility of the business. 
  2. Preferred by Customers: As we have discussed earlier, the number of mobile users has been increased exceptionally and with almost everyone using a smartphone, having a mobile application makes it convenient for the customers to access your online stores through just a tap of a finger.
  3. Boosted Customer Loyalty: A customer downloading your app and installing it shows that he is much more interested in your business. A website visitor can possibly be looking for details but downloading an app has strong possibilities of user ending up buying your product. Potential buyers choose to spend comparatively more time on mobile apps rather than shopping websites.
  4. Impressive User Experience: A smart developer puts primary focus on enhanced UX of the application. How you present your business to the users plays an important role in converting a user into a buyer. E-Commerce mobile apps create engaging user experience without incorporating any unnecessary elements due to the limited mobile screen size. 
  5. High Conversion Rate: Mobile applications play a key role in maximizing the conversion rate of a business. Better user experience, easy navigation, and usability compel the user to stay long on the app. Hence, the chances of conversion are increased multiple times. 
  6. Better Utilizes features of the Device: Another very important feature a mobile app can serve your e-commerce business with is that it efficiently makes use of a device’s in-built features. Optimizing GPS to locate the user’s location or using a microphone for voice search optimization can benefit the business unimaginably. 

Finally, below listed are some must-have features for an e-commerce mobile application:

  • Attractive themes
  • Seamless Navigation
  • Simple Registration
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Supports Multiple Payment options

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