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Appointment Scheduling App for Salon and Spa

The list of everlasting industries is so small that you can count them on your fingers. One such industry is Beauty and Salon. Back in 80s and 90s, seeing a beautician or visiting a spa was a matter of opulence and was reserved for rich. But, today when we take a look around, there’s a beauty salon possibly at every corner of the street. Every year a huge sum of dollars has been spent by consumers for grooming and embellishment of their natural beauty.

One of the obvious reasons behind this extreme change is the popularity of salon scheduling app. People are getting more conscious about their appearance and are ready to do whatever it takes to look attractive. Therefore, these apps are important in saving them from long waiting queues or making calls every hour to check the availability of their favourite stylists.

Why a Salon Appointment App is required?

With the rising celebrity influence, social media and awareness towards beauty concerns, everyone now looks only for specialized and professional beauty care. While spas and salons themselves have brilliant opportunities down the road, at the same time onilne appointment scheduling apps have made it possible to reach broader audience. The reason is growing number of smartphone users. A major part of consumer market is getting addicted to online ways. Doesn’t matter how large or small your business is, you can make it only if you have an effective mobile app solution.

Today the user isn’t money-saving, but time-saving. You can stand out from the crowd by offering convenient services to the users. Launching a mobile app will

  • let the customers schedule their visits,
  • help you handle huge customer flow, and
  • help you in better staff management

What Hitaishin offers

We at Hitaishin Infotech always strive to add something new as well as efficient to our mobile and web solutions. Our products focus on enhancing the productivity and efficiency which meets the needs of real world business players and customers at the same time, for example our taxi booking app and e-commerce app solution. Likewise, our app for online salon appointment serves users with a wide range of convenient and time-saving features.

A simple yet effective design that allows you to easily navigate through profiles and immediately compare pictures and videos of the specialist’s work. Through our salon booking app you will have a direct link to your nearest service provider’s personal profile, we had them created, no matter if the service provider works independently or for a particular salon. Also the app’s star rating feature encourages service providers to strive for excellence.

Features of our Salon Appointment App can be classified into two categories:

For Businesses
  • Business Promotion, whether it is a start-up or an established salon
  • Picture and video gallery to showcase your services
  • Appointment notifications for customers
  • List your location, service details, pricing and customer reviews
  • Accept or Reject appointment requests
  • Manage and schedule appointments 
  • Storage for customer data
For Customers
  • Round the clock appointment scheduling option with dates and time filter
  • Secure and easy payment option via credit card scanning
  • Compare service provider’s through pictures, videos and customer reviews
  • Rate and review the salon and spa services one the scale of 5 stars
  • Quick access to service provider’s profile and location
  • Get notified on appointment request confirmation or refusal
  • Save your preferred service provider


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