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AWS Hosting

AWS Cloud Hosting

We provide managed Amazon Web Service (AWS) cloud hosting solutions that can enable developers and organizations to develop and easily scale their web and enterprise applications. AWS is a low-cost hosting platform and offers a wide range of flexible hosting options for individuals and organizations of any size.

Collaborate with us for:

  • Extensive hosting platform support
  • Worldwide datacenter
  • Flexible payment options and scalability

Options for any workload



It is designed for a workload that handles different levels of CPU performance. It is a VPS (Virtual private servers) with shared-CPU configurations.



This option is beneficial for applications such as blogs, small databases, low traffic web servers, microservices, test servers, and lots more.


General Purpose

This VPS option uses best in class processors and has adequate memory balance.



The dedicated VPS server helps for a range of production workloads such as e-commerce sites, enterprise apps, medium-sized databases, etc.

We Offer

We Offer

A range of services

  • We offer the leading price to performance
  • Predictable billing and cost Optimized
  • 24/7 technical support services
  • Host unlimited applications
  • Automated backup
  • Optimized application performance.
  • cloud hosting platform
  • Promote a streamlined workflow.
  • Deploy and manage Content management systems
  • Lone-click server cloning options

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