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Payment Gateway Integration

Payment Gateway for your Online Business

HyperBeans payment gateway integration would simplify the process of your customers making payment to you and also simplify how you receive it. We integrate various payment gateways depends on your preference, and it allows you to accept payments through credit/debit cards and other channels such as wallets.

Advantages of Payment Gateway Integration:

  • Flexibility in making payment
  • Seamless user experience
  • Multi-currency payment processing
  • Convenience of refund
  • More flexibility in payment

Take a Look at the outcome of our solutions

High Volume Processing
Robust Cloud Reporting
Load Balancing
Fraud Protection Weapons
We Offer

Payment Gateway Integration Services

Our payment gateway services will help you make real-time financial transactions in a flexible, scalable, and secure platform. Our developers can also customize your payment gateway with other organizations such as Google Checkout, PayPal, and more.

Currency conversion facility
Ensure the correct conversion of payment currency into the receiver's currency and promote multi-regional business relationships.
Website and Mobile Integration
Integrate your payment gateway with your business website or mobile app for convenience. It also allows people to make a payment on the go.
SMS billing and Phone billing
SMS billing is practical, and our payment gateway sends real-time SMS billing.
Recurring billing
Reoccurring billing offers flexibility, and customers can opt for which ever-recurring billing that works best for them on daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly basis.
24/7 Technical support
We provide 24/7 technical support and ensure your application function very well without experiencing downtime.
Shopping cart integration
With a shopping cart integration customers can easily order for goods and services through your business website or mobile application.


Technology We Used for Payment Gateway


Why Choose HyperBeans for Payment Gateway Integration?

  •  Ensure Privacy and data protection during and after development. Privacy goes a long way in securing user's information and also ensuring there is no reputational damage.
  • As your business keeps growing we ensure that your payment gateway is flexible and adapts to the changes in business dynamics.
  • We ensure efficiency and a smooth process for the payments thereby encouraging good customer experience and creating a loyal customer base. 
  • Our payment gateway integration provides a very easy check out system for your customers both on mobile and on PC.
  • Our gateway integration is very easy and hassle-free to deploy. We can also easily integrate your payment gateway with other third party systems which would offer flexibility.

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