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Blockchain App Development

Blockchain App Development

Focused on delivering high-performance versatile Blockchain app solutions

We have built tailored Blockchain solutions that are designed to deliver value to you. Having intensive business acumen and a global multidisciplinary system, that helps individuals and organizations achieve their Blockchain aspirations and goals. HyperBeans provides full-spectrum services for individuals to organization. We help you to dominate the decentralized world with state of the art Blockchain solutions.


Benefits of HyperBeans' Blockchain solutions

Decentralized Technology

A centralized solution means it is run by a single government, organization, or individual. HyperBeans provides a decentralized Blockchain technology that is run by a network of participants. No single person can control or shut down. Our solutions have the following advantages. Our solutions are decentralized, which means they are not stored in a central point.

Cloud-based Blockchain Service

HyperBeans can help you adopt BaaS(Blockchain as a service model). This is a viable cloud solution for your ecosystem to simplify operations, technical complexities, and infrastructure maintenance. We have extensive experience in handling backend complexities that can bring agility I infrastructure, manage the process easily, and enhance operational efficiency easily.

Best practice Blockchain Devel

HyperBeans adopt best practices to create a high performance and decentralized applications on the EOS platform for your organization. Our developers deploy scalable, fast, and decentralized apps that facilitate cost-effective operations, enable a smooth migration to the blockchain environment and are permission management system.

DApp Development Services

HyperBeans seamlessly enables your organization to be more innovative by developing a decentralized Blockchain application. Our solutions will allow you to leverage the power of Blockchain and the robustness of DApps to connect your customers and solve your business issues. It can easily let you access e-commerce market, social media services, gaming, crowdfunding and much more
Blockchain Development

Our Blockchain Development Services

Private Blockchain Development

At HyperBeans, we develop a well-validated private Blockchain app system. This enables every participant to decide or choose who can perform a transaction in their network. Our private Blockchain apps are more secured, improved efficiency, better control of the network and offer better speed.

Decentralized Application Development (Apps)

Our team of Blockchain experts can build a novel breed decentralized or Apps solution for you. This means your Blockchain solutions cannot be controlled by any government, authority and cannot experience downtime or shutdown. Our dApp systems are open-source code, stores information on a Blockchain database, well-validated and optimized algorithm.

Crypto Exchange Development

HyperBeans is a one-stop-shop to develop and rapidly customize your cryptocurrency exchange app solution. We are a world-leading Blockchain technology facilitator that offers stable, reliable, stable and global exchange platform system. Our Crypto exchange systems have different functionality and modules that satisfy different conditions.

Smart Contracts Development (ICO)

Our team of Blockchain experts can build a scalable, reliable and tailor-made smart contract solutions for today's market place. Our smart contract algorithms can rapidly facilitate commercial agreements between parties without the need for external authority. We ensure that the contract terms are irreversible and traceable.

Wallet Development Solutions

We are a world-leading Blockchain technology organization that offers wallet revolution to our clients. Our systems are built with cutting edge technology and are changing how people transfer money on both a customer to business and peer to peer basis.

Blockchain Technology Consulting

If you are wanting to enhance the efficiency and traceability of business, we can provide the professional outlook for your Blockchain chain requirements. Providing solutions round the globe, our consultation services include customized Blockchain development, Cryptocurrency trading software, Cryptocurrency development and cryptocurrency exchange development.

Distributed E-Commerce Solution

Our eCommerce solutions are powered with High technology systems that can disrupt the online trading system and keep you a step ahead of the competition. We build a distributed eCommerce system with decentralized Blockchain technology that incorporates everything from placing an order to shopping cart.

Blockchain IOT App Development

HyperBeans is a world leader of Blockchain IoT app development services. Our team of developers help organizations incorporates Blockchain application system with the Internet of things. This can automate a business process and create a new path for a decentralized ecosystem which can rapidly scale up your business.

  • ARK
  • Ethereum Classic
  • Komodo
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Ripple
  • Stratis
  • ZCash
  • Dogecoin
  • Litecoin
  • Ethereum
  • Bitcoin
  • Fido U2F

Digital wallet development for multiple currencies

We develop a secured digital wallet for multiple currencies. Our Crypto wallet development would enable your users to transact securely from the wallet. Our wallet leverages Blockchain technology and can render private and public keys to give users a secure way of carrying out transactions. Our wallets are highly reliable and promote user investments. Our wallets are cross-platform, have a two-way authentication system, implemented swiftly.

What We Offers

How Blockchain Works

The process flow of how we design our wallets.
Post Verification
Block Creation
Encryption of Identities
Initiation of Transaction

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