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How Much Does It Cost to Build an MVP for your startup

Have an app idea but not sure where to get started? Worried, considering investors would not pay heed to your business idea because it is an idea without any implementation? In case you just nodded your head, now is the time to step forward, take that plunge, and get started with your MVP.


But wait, what do you mean by an MVP?


It attains for Minimum Viable Product. Following the identical notion, by interpretation, MVP or mobile app prototype is a minimal product with as many features as required to draw buyers or the end-users. That is to say, MVP mobile app development has all the essential features that one wants to pack in an app before the final release.


Usually, it appears that startup founders fail to receive funding or engagement in the market. By the time they restructure their app to meet the expectations, either it's too late, or they have invested more than expected.


MVP is a way of outlining rather than launching the project. Minimum viable product design policies are identical for the world’s leading company and for the enthusiasts who have trust in their idea.


Generally, in MVP design and development, the early launch of the application is commonly evaded. A startup without it cannot survive. Such launch serves two main tasks:

  1. Attract the first investments. The first version is something that you show to potential investors. As it executes all the essential features, it helps to build an impression about the project and increases the

  2. Identify the vulnerability of the project with the help of real users and allows adjusting the strategy. Among other things, it saves the budget that you can better spend on future improvements.


This helps to recognize the direction to move, what needs improvement, and what to cover in later phases.


Without more delay, let’s get started on how much does a mobile app MVP cost.


Why do you require planning the MVP app development cost?

Before we move ahead to see the multiple factors that cast their influence on the MVP app cost, discover why you should plan the same.


Even though the cost of developing MVP is lesser than the complete application development, it does incite significant charges. Unless the plan and the budget are in sync, it leads to an unfinished product.


Factors affecting the product MVP Development Cost in 2021

Now that we know why an MVP is to be budgeted. Let us get into the depth and see what factors influence the MVP app development cost?



#1. Mobile App Type: Number of Features and Complexity which affect MVP Cost


We start with the cost - to develop an MVP, it is relational to the intricacy. Lower the complexities included lesser the development cost and vice-versa.


Therefore, the need to draw the features that would be part of the mobile app. In other words, you must prioritize them before adding too many of them.


The right way to highlight the must-have features is by dividing them according to the user journey. There are three different components: the user, the user action, and the engagement. You can refer to these feature prioritization techniques to outline your app.



#2. MVP Cost of Design


The design implores up a significant amount of MVP application development costs. The application mainly focuses on the design and the initial user flow. If the layout is engaging it makes the user spend more time. It estimates the maximum amount and is reliant on the degree of difficulty.



The Key factors in UX Cost of an MVP app

Now many features affect the cost of MVP mobile app design:

(i) Preparation for the design

(ii) Wireframe

(iii) Mockup or Prototype

(iv) On-page Interactions



#3. Development Budget Planning: Outsourcing/In-house Hiring


We have the features and design. The next question that pops up is how? Would you favor outsourcing your MVP development and do away with the troubles or have your in-house development team manage and observe everything.


As small as it seems to be, how do you intend to develop triggers the cost of MVP application development. When you hire a mobile app development company, you might need around $5,000 - $25,000 to get the job done. Nevertheless, the end-to-end cost again depends on your requirements. All you require to have is the right team to execute the job efficiently.


On the other hand, an in-house team might cost differently, considering whom you hire and the duration along with their work experience.



#4. Time Required Building an MVP


We always have a specific timeline for the project. The time required to develop the app is directly proportional to the features and complexities.

The application can fall into two groups. The gaming, navigation, medicine, and entertainment category are more complex to develop and take more time. Or the utility, news, reading – it will take less time to create them.

To make things clear– let’s break apps into the following classes:



Here are some factors which affect the timeline of app development-

  • Features & Functionality of Your App

  • Platform For Which You are Building

  • Working model - in-house, hire a developer or a company.



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