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Project Details


The Application helps in securely transferring money to friends & family and pay for products and services instantly. Users can cash in and out through our network of Agents with 24/7 free support with SMSs for any action performed on the account.

Challenges -

The most challenges within the project were:

  • Secure User Authentication – Maintaining correct security standards for secure user mostly SMS based authentication.

  • Data Encryption – Since the app concerned storing sensitive individual bank details, encryption was of utmost importance.

  • Establish an easy-to-use mobile app presence for specific user demographic

  • Create mobile expertise that meets the cash Transfer and international payments desires of businesses

  • Equipped customers with a tool that permits them to be more friendly towards application.


Solution -

  • The mobile app carries a minimalistic design interface for faster and easier navigation and tracks the transaction history to ensure an end to end payment loop.

  • Integration of a sophisticated wallet management system for convenient cash deposit and withdrawal.

  • Stringent encryption standards implemented to safeguard the sensitive bank details.


Special Features -

  • Simplify payments for everyone with the ability to scan and pay (QR code).

  • Trackings for consumer spending and economic growth.

  • Provide on-the-spot financial statements to all users.

  • Instant money transfer with push notifications for every transaction.

  • Ability to make bulk payments and track taxes.

  • Allows loan servicing to farmers, women, while increasing access to cash-flow in rural communities.

Business Benefits -

HyperBeans created a very useful mobile application TIPME which is available on two mobile platforms – iPhone OS and Android, the outcome of the app is an easy-to-use application capable of transferring money for business purpose via web plugins, designed for eCommerce platforms such as Prestashop, WooCommerce, and Magento to receive payments over the web at no extra charge.

With the upcoming updates, we have planned to introduce some more features which will be more valuable for money transactions with a secure, reliable & convenient system for money transfer through QR code.


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