About The Situation

How many of us are certain about the performance of online ads, such as correct rendering of the Ad, routing to the right URL, number of impressions, clicks, etc? Do you think one can authenticate this performance?

This is what exactly thought by our client who is offering advertising solution services to their customers in the US and other part of the world.

Our client wanted to differentiate their services by adding functionality of getting performance authenticated to increase customers’ confidence.
The client's core objective was to offer best advertising solutions and multi-folding revenues.

Impact On Business

The business was running smoothly and there was no issue in term of service offerings. However, recurring business and addition of new customers is not meeting the expectation because of other leaders’ penetration in the market.

  • 3-5% YOY growth from last 2 years
  • Retention was becoming difficult because of the competitors’ USP
  • Losing customers’ confidence
Solution Development

We developed a Blockchain solution based on Ethereum private blockchain that allows our client to capture real time information related to an Ad, verifies it with the actual Ad content, and stores in blockchain. It helped in facilitating the verification and control Ad fraud as well. No one can change or manipulate anything once the goes Ad live and system captures the tracking of the Ad. If there is any change, solution highlights that and indicates the temper done in the Ad data.

Moreover, we have developed a blockchain explore as well that our client’s customers can access through secured login credentials to see indelible statistics of their Ad campaign(s). The complete logic was built that encodes and decodes and speak to smart contract. No one has control over changing any records and information. Post deployment, the client also offered this portal as a white label solution that increased client’s profit significantly.

ROI To Client

Over 250% growth within 2 months only.

  • USP to attract new customers
  • More business coming from the existing customer base
  • White label solution to other players

Currently, the team is working with the client and creating analytical reports based on historical records and performance. The objective of the client is to generate another avenue of revenue by offering industry and campaign specific deep reports to predict the better performance that help their customers in planning ad campaigns accordingly.

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