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Let your Customers know your New Year Resolutions

As the 2018 has passed and we have entered a new year, the resolutions are being discussed everywhere. But, an important question that needs to be answered is “How far have you gone to chase the resolutions that were set at the beginning of the previous year?”
If the answer is “halfway” or anything less than that, then it gives birth to an even more important question – How can you reach your business objective in 2019? Don’t be upset, there are numerous ways you can achieve your goal with.
We have listed the most important, effective and easy to achieve ways or you can say resolutions that will generate better results and make you proud at the end of 2019:
1.  Go for the Right idea, not the Best one: We don’t mean to disappoint you but, business is more of science than an art. In some ways it is artistic and requires a good amount of creativity but when it comes to a bigger picture, it’s all about business. A good developer or a designer is always project oriented. Train your team on sacrificing their preferences for what is right in terms of end results.
2.  Divide a Big goal into Smaller tasks: This is a very common trouble that many people get into. They set a huge goal dreaming about the big picture and that how pleasant it will be once everything is done. Remember, a big task has a number of small and very important tasks. This will create a to-do list for you of smaller and easily manageable goals. It is not wise to set goal of a successful website with millions of unique visitors, when you don’t even have a website. Break this into smaller tasks:
Create a website
Launch your services or products
Plan the marketing strategies
Build social media presence
3.  Remove barriers between Business and IT: Business and IT are two of the key parts of an organization but it is also true that they are often kept isolated from one another. Selection and implementation of most efficient and cost-effective tools is possible only when these two understand each other’s capabilities and needs. It is more important that IT learns and understands what the business is doing so that it can support the business better.
4.  Invest in Value, not just in Technology: It is not appreciable that how do you survive with the least investment. What makes a difference is how you get the maximum out of an investment. While selecting new IT solution or services, it can be appealing to go for the cheapest option. However, least expensive may not always turn out to be the best for your business. Consider IT as an innovation center, rather than a cost center.
5.  Assure with a Positive Cyber-security Culture: Security has become necessity of a business, especially when violations can cost millions to the companies. While we have the defense mechanism all equipped with strategies, cyber-security software and advanced security tools, making employees and departments feel responsible to ensure cyber-security is the next possible preventive measure.
Now, that we have the PoA ready for you, it’s time to get started.  And remember, whatever your goal is, it is possible if you’re willing to choose what is right for the project, break your goal into smaller tasks, make a strong relationship between business and IT, make best out of your investment and encourage a healthy cyber-security culture.
Happy New Year!
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