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10 Key Factors for successful Mobile Application Development

In our earlier blog, we have discussed the steps you can follow to improve your mobile search experience. Here, in this blog, we will be enlightening the most important factors that define the success of your Mobile Application. For every business, it has now become completely obligatory to have its own mobile app with a goal to target & capture larger number of consumers by presenting their products and services on the finger tips. As a result, today we see mobile application development flourishing like never before.The innovation of new operating systems and mobile devices has given a push to this trend.

However, now you can have your own mobile app with a snap of your finger, you need to be very sure about the elements like cost, efforts, strategies and marketing campaigns, if you wish to use it as a tool for business growth. Here, we are listing the key attributes that you should keep in mind while developing a mobile app:

  1. Research and Analysis: It is good if you have an idea to develop a world class mobile application but first you need to understand the market. A research and analysis report will help you understand the demand of similar apps and the strategies of your competitors.
  2. Spot your Target Users: The future of the application depends on the set of users you have targeted. Even after the launch, the target audience plays an important role in the growth and feature expansion of the app.
  3. Wisely choose the Platform: Another important decision is to rightly choose the platform for deployment of your mobile application. Widely popular mobile app platforms are Android, iOS and Windows. Best is to start with single platform, be a master of it then move to other platforms.
  4. Planning: The process of Mobile Application Development incorporates six important phases – Research phase, Discovery phase, App design, App development, App release and Post-release support. Have a clear plan of the entire process before even starting the first phase.
  5. Budget is important: Along with the idea and planning, another very important part of the process is investment. Phases like development, updating, marketing etc. will require money to be invested. You should know how to smartly allocate your budget among various stages of app development.
  6. Be Creative: Your app will find place in someone’s mobile phone only if it offers something new and different. You’ll have to give your customer a reason to choose your app over the billions of smartphone apps available in the market.
  7. Fast & Effective: Mobile applications taking too much time to load are considered to be fatal. Also, users don’t prefer apps that occupy large space on their phone. Both of these will end up as an uninstall. Develop an app which loads fast and serves users with problem-solving information.
  8. User-friendliness: This is a feature that acts as the spine of your mobile application. Apps that failed to deliver an exceptional user experience don’t have a good number of installations. You need to put special focus on graphics, navigation and all those things which make the app less confusing and complicated.
  9. Testing: Testing can be performed at every phase of the entire mobile application development process. While testing, make sure that you see the application from user’s point of view. You will want to identify the bugs and fix them before your target audience reports them.
  10. Marketing & Promotion: No matter how effective mobile application you have built, it will not generate results unless it gets promoted in the right way. Know your target audience, industry and competitors. Creating awareness before the launch is a smart move. Choose optimum marketing tools and design campaigns.
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